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ESP-01s - ESP3D / ESPUI Headless

ESP-01s - ESP3D / ESPUI Headless

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PreFlashed Esp-01s with ESP3D, and loaded with a few custom macros.


This allows you to use your SKR Pro or TFT screen over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can use any web browser to control your machine!  Wireless jogging, terminal, customizable macros, so many options.

 -This gets plugged into your SKR Pro

-Once it is plugged in, log into the wifi hotspot "V1 CNC"

-Open your browser and head to

-You will need to use the onboard microSD on the SKR Pro, wireless file transfers are possible but incredibly slow. You will need to physically transfer files to your microSD card.


* This is not considered a stable release, this is using ESP3D and ESPUI V3 Alpha Release I am not sure what about this is not production ready as I have used this during LR3 side plate production.

* You need to flash your SKR Pro with our firmware v515 or better to enable the port. You will need to use one of the nightlies we have prepared to enable long file name support.

* The biggest bummer is the base firmware can not currently be updated Over The Air, so to update the base you will need a programmer. The UI is customizable and should be able to be updated until the base firmware strays too far. In my opinion, though, there really is nothing missing that I can see. Far more functionality than a Marlin LCD.

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