3 Years of V1 Engineering

3 Years of V1 Engineering

3 years…3 amazing years. I still get up excited to do what I do. I still don’t know what to call it. I tell my friends I have to get some work done…even though it usually does not feel like work. I work longer hours and more days than ever before in my life and love it. The only reason I am able to do this, keep up this pace, is the help and encouragement you all give me. Providing me with ideas, supporting my ideas and each others, telling me when I am wrong (have I ever been wrong??, J/K), most importantly helping the people that are new to our group. Please take a second and really tell someone thanks for the help, or at least give more thanks in the forums. I like getting them, I am sure others do as well.

This past year was full of incremental changes. Most exciting for me was finalizing the V1 Engineering name and logo(s), finally getting some shirts and stickers. We got the ZenXY going, an update for the MP3DP, and just under the wire I have some new parts to release soon. There are several magazines, a Museum exhibit, and a college class thanks to your projects with the MPCNC. The biggest advance and the hardest project was getting the Dual endstop firmware working..and merged into both branches of Marlin. Jeff, I could not have done it without you especially, but so many of you also jumped in and helped where you could, and I appreciate that just as much. Thank you all for the projects, publications, pictures of cool projects, and videos over the last year. I want to see more, share the successes and failures please.

This coming year I have a sketchbook full of ideas, notes, scraps of paper everywhere, a pile of parts, half finished projects and plenty of coffee. I want to get some of these brought to life. PID…..hopefully next. MPCNC or LowRider update…maybe both. More support for the dual endstop firmware. I am as excited as ever.

MRRF 2018 is a week away, come say hi if you can. I would really like to meet you, and say thanks in person. If there is anyone in your life I need to apologize for taking over there kitchen tables or floors for this project…I am willing!

Look at these numbers….I absolutely can’t believe it. Thank you for being a part of it.


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