Lend a Hand or Donate

For those of you who have used my machines and/or appreciate my work and would like to give a little back to help continue development. Thank you! 

The best way to help is spread the word, tell a friend, make a video, post some positive feedback somewhere, every little bit helps.

I’m not very keen on the idea of asking for money, I believe a good idea should stand on its own. I also understand, sometimes a cash injection is just what a small business needs to get over a hurdle, and some are in a better position to provide that than others.

Cash is not the only way.

  • Help out in the forums by answering some questions for me. The more time I have to test, build, and break things, the faster I can release new things or information.
  • Helping out by pointing out lack of information. Or any other site deficiencies. I can’t be good at everything.
  • We have a community editable documents page, you can add or edit any of the instructions!
  • YouTube videos, share something. Who doesn’t love a good video.
  • Share what you use it for, we all like to see fun stuff and most of us are starving for fun project to use our CNC’s with!
  • Spreading the word, let someone know about the site. More users is good for everyone. The bigger our user base the more collective knowledge.
  • Google Review, big deal to me.
  • PayPal donation, button below, you can choose reoccurring or one time. This one gets your name on the list 🙂
  • Patreon - For those of you asking me to make one.
  • Donate Crypto -Your choice of Cryptocurrency, one time.
  • Heck even a little extra Dropbox space helps! If you don’t have a Dropbox account, this link will give us both an extra 1/2 GB for free after you install the desktop program.
  • Amazon Merch store, you can get V1 Shirts, Hoodies, and sweatshirts.


Thank you,


Chris A

Erik S

Paul M

Dennis S

Norman K

Jim P

Ozzie O

William A

Chris A

Wes G

Rui M

Russell T

Carl E

Rick V

Santini C


James D

Mark Z

Matt K

Travis G

Øystein S

Christian S

Ricky F

Leo U

Jean B

Ignacio A

Juergen S

Andrew M

Mark G

Robert K

Mitchell L

Davide T

Mark Z

James D

Harvey B

Matt K

Aquila Creative

Robert M

Jeff E

Jeremy S

Steven C

Tony W

James A

Nicholas K

Jim P

Alexander A

David R


William F

Michael S

Drew G

David R

Michael K

Ralph K

Jakob A

Rob P

Michael C


Antoine D

Peter R

Andrew C

Saulius O

F Johnsen

John H

Moritz V. K

Shawn G

Prund C

Roger M

Ivan A

Jan M

Robert B

Antoine D

Erik B

Vincent L

Johannes T

Errol K

Brian A

Steve D

Sam W

Rob S

Jordan C

Rapid Informatics

Reiner B

Joerg G

Gregory P

Aaron H

Daniel H

Marcel F

Stanley P

Lukas R

Brian S

Dionysius K

Janne K

Christoph K

William A

David W

Jeff B

Ivan S

Sven C

Menno H

Richard B

Geoffrey P

Michael M

Andrew S

Thymen R

William B

Marius S

Tim W

Sergey K

Matt H

Jason H

Daniel K

Nils L

Tim G

Jeremy L

Marc D

Brian I

Matthew P

Brian W

Geoffrey S

Collette Tech

Lynn B

Serge R

Randy B

Simon B

Thorsten B

Andy G

Istvan T

Yvan R

Hans M

Timothy S

Brian I

Nicola G

Rupert S

Harjo V

Guillaume P

Tom L

Horst P

Lachlan M


Jörg B

Neeraj V

Dirk H

Stian R

Tim O

John F

Serge F


Cody S

Steve C

Manuel E

Yannick D

Bastian H

Korbinian W

Andrew B

Garrett M

Philipp N

Tapani S

Reale U

Hans S

 Andre F

Diersen T

Dr Christian K

Steve K

Craig B

Tim O

Adam K

Raaz Design

Cristian B

John M

 N Verma

R Beever

S O’Connor

Paolo V

Craig B

John S

Constantin B

Adam K

Yvan R

Robert M

 Jeremy L

Justin M

Tom H

Kevin G

Frederik R

Craig D

Quentin L

Felix R

Robert B

 J Rozvaril

 A B Perez

Arjan V

Hans D R

Thanks again!