Trademark and File Licenses


Everything on this site including the pictures in the forums are under this license Unless otherwise specified. The Mostly Printed CNC and the LowRider CNC 3D files are under this license as well. Meaning you can use them and/or you can alter them if you indicate changes were made and include credit to the original, and you can not use them for commercial purposes (meaning you can not sell my parts or designs but you can use them to make money).

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Please if you are not familiar with this license follow the above link and it is all written out very clearly. I am giving away all of my hard work for free, just give credit where credit is due and if you are interested in selling my designs please contact me for details. Listed below are the current-authorized partners with V1 Engineering Inc. If you see any of our work for sale somewhere else, please let me know, I would appreciate it very much.


Authorized Partners.

Simon B – MPCNC Printed Parts, Based in Germany – EBAY LINK,


More License Details

To clarify my intent with this license. Under CC-BY-NC-SA I can stipulate looser restrictions, and do so.

  • You can freely modify all models/files provided you keep the same license, this is Share Alike. You will have the same rights with your models/files as I do with my models/files.
  • You can resell parts you have purchased from V1 Engineering Inc, but not parts you’ve printed yourself from my models. If you want to sell parts for a single machine you printed with my models, you can do so freely in the forums. I would prefer all non-licensed sales to happen here, the For Sale section. Selling in other places muddies the boundaries for unauthorized sellers. If you are unclear, please just email me.
  • You can use any of the machines commercially. You can use it in a video, at events, in a business, including charging for it’s time or making products that you sell. You can use it in a non-profit or commercial setting. You just can’t sell the parts made from my models. You can’t sell something (electronics/hardware kits, assembly course, training) and include my parts “for free”.

It really is that simple. Anyone that wants to use or make any of my machines, can….for free. I do everything I can to make these things easy to source and assemble globally, and use as few unique tools as possible, you are also not locked into any sort of specific hardware or firmware. If you did not want to buy anything from me, you should not have to. I also provide a friendly and welcoming place to get help if needed. Clear assembly instructions are also provided for free (if you find something is not clear you can even help out and suggest a change).

The one stipulation I have is, please, do not sell my designs or the parts that those designs make. If you want to make your own please make it significantly different so the new users would have no problem recognizing that it is not my part and use the same license.



The V1 Engineering Inc Logo is a registered trademark, please use it accordingly. USPTO Serial Number 88572477