8 Years!

8 Years!

Thank you


What a wonderful eight years this has been. Some days it really feels like a handful  of months. First and foremost, I have to thank you all. The people that hang around, the Crew that check in daily, our larger community that come back every so often to check in or build a new machine. All the people that come by to share their projects with the rest of us. You all are the motivation that keeps my excited about this every single day!

This last year has been a doozy.

-The LowRider V3, was released this past year and has been a smash hit right out of the gate.

-The MP3DP v4.1 is now live, and the documents should be soon to follow this time.

-Not making things easy, though, the supply chain issues have made parts and supplies hard to get for more than a year now. Just this month, I think things are finally starting to catch up and my shelves are slowly starting to refill.

-We now have a new domain name, V1E.com.

-The website has been moved to out of WordPress to make for a more unified web presence, along with faster and more robust main site.

-I have been working through a very extensive list of improvements that have all been user suggested.


The game plan

I am prepping for RMRRF, let's see what I can bring with me. Can't wait to meet some of you! Of course I will be working on that list still. Now that parts are becoming more readily available, maybe it is time to start working on a new machine.


Please keep sharing your projects, hanging out and chatting, helping each other and new users. I will do my best to keep this a fun and exciting place to be a part of!


....and Thank You again for being part of this!


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