Digital Machinist – Ed Nisley

Digital Machinist – Ed Nisley

The new edition of Digital Machinist is out, Volume 12 No.4 Winter 2017. Mr. Ed Nisely has a six page article in there. That article is six glorious pages all about the MPCNC!!!!!

I am a subscriber, but my magazine isn’t here yet. I drove 45 minutes to the nearest Barnes and Noble to pick up a copy. I walked in super excited but figured they might not have a copy yet, don’t get too excited, mine should come in the mail any day. Did my best impression of my Grandma speed walking “exercising at the mall” (that’s what she told my Grandpa at least) straight to the magazines, there it was top shelf, center. Now you all know if you read about the last time the Mostly Printed CNC was going to be in the magazine I get freaked out. It hit me as soon as I picked up the magazine, “what if he hates it?”….

The panic was only momentary, I flipped it open right to the thick magazine subscription cards in there. BAM. There it is first try “Along the G-Code Way: Mostly Printed CNC Mechanics”. I could not help be be excited, no more panic. My jaw dropped. I spun around with an ear to ear grin on my face, the poor lady right behind me must have thought I was the biggest creep. All smiles right to her face. I had to stop, I set it down, took a picture of the cover, the first article page, and sent it to a few important people in my life. I proceeded to walk halfway to the register, turned around to get another copy, decided I could wait for mine to show up, turned back around and bought it. I ran out to the truck and took a deep breath and read it.

Ed, I love it! Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to write about your project. This means the world to me. When smart people like you take the time to build it, try it out, and it triggers something in you that makes you want to tell other people about it, for any reason. Well, It feels amazing. I hope to keep this little company of mine rolling, and things like this make that possible.

Just a teaser, don’t be cheap go support Ed and his editor George, buy a copy. Use your CNC machine to make a frame for it….That’s my next project.

In case you haven’t made the connection, I recently featured Ed’s site on the homepage, I just learned something over there today, you should have a look there as well for a deeper dive than the article.

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