European Partners

European Partners

European Partners

I am excited to formally announce our two European based partners to the V1 Crew, 3D Druckservice-Allgäu and MTL-3D! We have worked through the legalities and logistics of international partnerships and built trust through good communication. This means we are working to build a better experience for the customer / user, keep costs down, increase support, and R&D. I feel this is a huge first step, and I am extremely excited to continue to grow our partnerships! The partnership is new for all of us, so please forgive us if there are any hiccups.


For the Customers

After domestic orders, the European region is the most frequently shipped to. For the customer this is exciting in a few of obvious ways. First, I hope this can drastically reduce shipping costs, shipping time, and import tariffs. Second, we hope to expand the documentation into more languages, forum support, and have more people online in your time zone to help out. Third, we are trying to reduce the impact V1 Engineering has as on the planet by reducing the amount of shipping. We do what we can to reduce and reuse, but shipping directly from the manufacturers to the target region allows us to be as efficient as possible.


For V1

Beyond the added support, the benefit for V1 Engineering is more time for me to offer support, R&D for new machines, updating current ones, firmware tweaks, and overall documentation work. Having these partners contributing a portion of sales means I do not need to spend as much time packing boxes without missing out completely on revenue. I do believe this is a win-win for everyone involved!

I could try hiring people to work with me and run and ship everything from here, but I am much more excited to bring on regional partners. Not only that, but I prefer to focus on the community and the projects then split my time with managing employees as well. Regional partners bring all the benefits previously mentioned and build a much more robust global community. I would love to bring on more partners in the future as we figure this all out.



Have a quick look at our Partners, and say “Hi” to Simon, Michael, and Michael!

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