New Community Docs

New Community Docs

After a lot of hard work we now have Community Documentation! What does that mean and how is it different, you ask. This allows you to help out if you want!

You no longer need to wait for me to update things or fix my sepelllling or grammar mistakes. You can edit a page that is there or you can make a whole new one. When you hook up our first lightsaber to an MPCNC4000 you can make a small instructions page on how you did that. Or if I have an outdated picture or link, you can fix it, or just mark it as an issue.

It took a lot of time and a lot of people to make this happen, this thread.

Super easy to use and I hope it is more intuitive for the first time builder of any of the machines.

Of course the whole thing is and will always be a “work in progress”, these early days might be a little rougher than usual though.

If you want to ask some questions, drop them here. I hope the layout is fairly self-explanatory, and should be even more so as fresh pages get added. Just in case, I have laid out my basic idea in this post for how I think it should be structured.

Thanks to all of you that helped out along the way, pushed me to make the effort to learn all of this new stuff, and special thanks to Jeffeb3, for really going over the top with his time and patience.

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