New foot.

New foot.

It is finally here, two years later, a new foot. Why, this one is better. Why is it better, more rigid and easy to adjust. Use some number 6 or equivalent screws and washers to hold them down. There are slotted and oversized holes so you can move them around to get that perfect square frame. (Thanks Bill for the 6 million dollar man X-Ray of your foot!)


Remember the clamp isn’t really necessary if you seat the legs on the table. I just recently took the time to cut and file the legs to make the machine sit extremely level without using the top or bottom clamps to hold it. Very worth a little time with a file, or you could shim it them I guess.



There has been a bit of a journey to get here. The very first build I was convinced we would be using a lot of fluids, so the feet needed to be waterproof. While I was in the conduit isle getting those fancy rails, the electrical boxes fit the bill, cheaper and faster than printing them. Next try was the hollow legs, they were extremely difficult to get square because of the angled screws….my bad. Boom then came ol’ trusty. These things were fine for 90% of you, the other 10% of the gorillas in the bunch just kept over tightening and breaking them….Ahhhh memories. Try the new feet, They are really good, trust me, I wouldn’t replace ol’ trusty for no reason. Easy to square, more rigid when using all three screws, and a tiny bit beefier around the clamp screw…tiny bit so take it easy. Oh, and they should all fit well, no more “hey are the feet supposed to be this tight”, please.

Get them on Thingiverse, C here, J here, F here.

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