New Forums

New Forums

Time to finally move the forums to another server, another software package, and some back end management. We will have a ton of new features and hopefully a less spammy and buggy experience. I think I have done all I could by myself with bbPress, buddy press, and bbpress toolbox. That takes a tone of work and resources to keep running smoothly. Now I am passing the security and updates off to a professional. Hopefully I get more time for CAD, projects, and forum chats.

I am sure we will have a bit of a bumpy transition but please be patient and I will start a new thread for questions, concerns, and suggestions ASAP. Linked HERE

The time has come. We went through a trial move, and had a solid week of testing. Moving the forums to a new discourse managed server. No more running out of room, CPU cycles, memory, monthly allotments. So fingers crossed it goes well. See you on the other side.

11/22/19 11:55 PST – Going read only on the forums and will update this as things progress.

11/23 – 7:23am looks like about 2 hours to go!

9AM – About a half hour until I open it up. Pictures and likes will still be processing for about 6-7 hours after that. So images will have a wacky aspect ratio and not be clickable until there get handled. No “like” badges until that is done. Probably best not to add or use images for a few hours. I will work on all the new login options (twitter, goolge, githhub, FB, IG)  throughout the day, they are pretty complicated to get working so I will pack orders and work on those slowly.

4:50 PM – So far so good Worst issue is having all the topics I was following cleared. It also looks like I figured out the redirects. All old links should pass you through to the new forums. so you can go follow any old topics you were involved with. Picture aspect ratio and click to enlarge on old pics are not getting processed until late tonight or tomorrow morning. make sure you update your email preferences in your profile.

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