New MPCNC Primo…Choices

New MPCNC Primo…Choices


MRRF 2020 was set to be the unveiling of the new MPCNC revisions that I have been working on for a long time. Then, the world got turned upside down and the final touches actually got put on hold for a bit. Well, it is ready now! This will be the Primo version. Previous centers assemblies kinda make new versions so in reverse chronological order we had Burly, 525, Stronger center, and the first MPCNC.



Now for the choices part. Shipping is taking much longer and costs significantly more, materials are very scarce and taking much longer to get ready to ship on top of that. I had to make the choice to order and wait for another batch of MPCNC parts and put off the parts for the new build even longer, or take the leap and order the new parts first. I intended to carry parts and kits for both versions, but parts are just taking too long to get and I am too excited to get the new build out to you all. I mean, I have been testing this thing for a while now and every part has been revised. I have never released a full update at once before. Normally, I do it in stages but this one was different and needed to be treated like the major update that I believe it is.

I am starting some private beta testing and as that progresses I will keep everyone updated. Once the design has been verified with a few other people other and their printers, I will move on to a 25.4mm release first. I think we are at at least 2 weeks out until I get to some public releases, could be more.

Again, this means I am going to run out of Burly MPCNC hardware and electronics kits soon and do not have a date for a new release. I know this is crummy timing to run out of them, but I have not had a normal shipment of parts, hardware, or electronics since the end of January.



Now for a little fun. As I said, every single part has been revised. Some revisions are drastic, some are more familiar, but it is still very clearly a V1 Engineering design and very clearly a Mostly Printed CNC! From my testing, it has a more rigid center design, completely different from all previous versions and should be much more straight forward to square. Hardware has been simplified, and instructions should be easier as well (and you can pitch in in making the new ones). There is a new tool mount system, but you can choose to use the 525/Burly system if you would like, I did not want to lose all the handwork people have put in on all the customs mounts.



What I can suggest doing in the mean time is tuning up your printer. Calibrations and test prints. Make sure you print square and true and use large test prints. Also make sure to do some clearance tests. Get ready to print a lot of new parts. The more accurate the prints are, the better your new revised MPCNC will be.


Comments? …..I’ll be in the forums.

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