New, Revised, BURLY, MPCNC Center Parts

New, Revised, BURLY, MPCNC Center Parts

I would like to introduce you to the new “Burly” parts. It has been more than 2 years since the “525” (5/25/16) parts were released and I am very excited as I have been toying around with these ideas ever since. No new hardware is needed just some new printed parts, so, free update. How about a quick list.


  • More rigid XYZ pieces, the main focus of this update!
  • #6-32 and 4mm tool mount versions.
  • The 5″ bolt now fits better.
  • The Nut Trap is revised for #6-32 & 4mm screws.
  • The Nut trap has a printed spring for easier use.
  • The Nut Trap should work in all reasonably sized tubing and wall thicknesses.
  • Smaller Individual part count.
  • Stronger Z clamps with no added overall build volume.
  • Tiny tweak to the corner spacers for a better fit.
  • Lil more style, Subjective.
  • No hardware changes from the “525” ** see below.



  • No more allthread parts, T8’s are the better option and cost difference in minimal.
  • A little more fidgety to put together. I had to bury some of the nuts more to gain strength. These are nuts that should only need to be tightened once so really no big deal.


Upgrade Details

I suggest you reprint all the main center and Z axis parts, XY, XYZ, Spacers, and Z mounts. The tool mount is the same unless you want the hidden logo or 4mm nuts. The corner spacers are fine unless you are doing a rebuild than might as well. The nut traps are not dimension-ally different, so use what you have.


As always the forums are the best place to ask me/us questions. I have a thread for these parts here.


I have updated everything including the instructions, so if you see anything I missed please tell me…there are tons of pages to edit nowadays.


New Links

Thingiverse links, while you are there, let’s try and give this thing a little boost. Choose one or all… please give it a like, leave a positive comment, post a “make”, or add it to a collection.

23.5mm – C

25mm – F

25.4mm – J


Old Parts, just in case. 23.5mm, 25mm, 25.4mm.

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