OHM Podcast

OHM Podcast

If you ever wanted to start a side hustle, or make it your main hustle. Listen to these guys. This episode is about my journey, but wow, I wish they were around when I got started.

Open Hardware Manufacturing Podcast

I have honestly learned a lot from listening to Lucian and Stephen in the other episodes, I will and have made changes because of them. I was very honored to sit down and have a chat. The excitement and enthusiasm they have is familiar and contagious.

I hope we get to talk more and next time not so much about me, I have a million questions. Anytime I tried to shy away from myself, they forced me back on task. They have a lot of combined knowledge, and I could easily just keep talking and asking questions. Sharing experiences, points of view, and enthusiasm for our projects is what I live for, seems like they do as well.

I can answer any questions you might have here in the forums.

Thanks again Lucian and Stephen, what a fun experience.



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