ZenXY V2 "Sand" Table

ZenXY V2 "Sand" Table

The ZenXY V2 is quieter, faster, more accurate, easier to build, and can be built much larger than the previous V1 Engineering ZenXY release. If that was not enough, fewer unique components are needed as well.


Full Sized ZenXY V2

The fully captured EMT Conduit rails, urethane wheels, and 3D-printed parts lets you build this table from small end table sizes to very large sizes with no added or different parts. This picture is showing my 3'x5' table.


This version is just a pleasure to use, and I can not think of a single person that has seen my table and not stopped to talk about it, most actually ask where I got it or if I will build them one!

ZenXY Resolution


That is a 1/2" steel ball in the picture, the detail that the "sand" (baking soda) holds will surprise you.


 The CoreXY design makes assembly and wire management easy.


Now, this table is nothing without Sandify from the genius mind of Jeff Eberl. Sandify lets you very easily create new custom and unique designs and patterns with almost no learning curve. You just start playing with the drop-downs and change some numbers to get wonderfully new patterns. You can also import other designs, or really sit down and add layers, effects, equations, text, and custom GCode if you want.


Halloween ZenXY

Adding names to seats at the table....easy. Change up for a new holiday, brownie points here we come!! "Yes Dear, I have redecorated already!".

If you use Bart Dring's GRBL control board, you can upload and start files remotely, from your phone or any device. So you can redecorate without every getting out of your chair.


Spooky ZenXY


Yup, adding fully addressable LED's is pretty easy as well.

Here is where you get started, V1 Engineering Docs, ZenXY V2. You will find instructions, CAD files for a table, stl's, and some how-to's for it.

If you want a basic build kit, V1 Shop

If you want to see how this all came to be...V1 Forums


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