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Stick On Temp Gauge

Stick On Temp Gauge

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Want to know a little secret......


I ship the kits with the stepper power turned down. I ship the kits this way so any mistake will cause a stalled stepper, not a broken part or endmill (usually). On that note, you also do not need to turn anything up. These are for those of you that want to push the limits for travel speeds.

Cutting speed is only limited by your build size and the resulting rigidity. As shipped, the machine will cut as fast as it can. This will not change that.


With these stickers, you can monitor your stepper temps. The more power you send to the steppers, the more power they have. Keep the max temp under 50C and the mounts will still stay solid. Go too high and you can melt parts.


If you have an IR temp gun, thermocouple, or infrared camera, you don't need these unless you want to keep an eye on them easily.



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