RMRRF, MRRF, Open Sauce

What a busy summer. 2023 was full of traveling, meeting new people, putting faces to names, and seeing lots of cool projects.

April 22, 2023 had us in Loveland Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Rep Rap Festival. This was beyond awesome, had a huge V1 Crew out here. All the details are in this thread.

Look at these guys!


Next up was the MidWest Rep Rap festival. June 23rd in Goshen Indiana. Here is our thread about the adventures. MRRF for me is getting to see some of the crowd some of the people that started it all, the long timers, and the super passionate makers.

This one feels like home...The crew didn't get to hang out as much as at RMRRF but there were fewer of us, longer days, and a bit busier. So tired at the end of each day. It is hard to get so excited about so much all day.

I was so busy at MRRF, this is one of the few pictures we have together.

July 14th had Aza and myself manning a booth for an insane crowd in San Francisco, California. There were a mishmash of makers and all sort of creative types with contraptions and exhibits on the floor, battle bots, a giant navy ship, and just about every science/tech YouTube creator you can imagine. This show was something very different. We have a small thread about it here.

We crushed it.


That show lead to this picture....


2024, I am not sure I will do three shows next year but I can't wait to meet more of you in person! RMRRF 2024 anyone?