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Micro Probe V2 Biqu

Micro Probe V2 Biqu

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Perfect for the MP3DP V5, and this fan mount,

This thing is tiny, Pictures with the BL Touch to show size comparison (BL Touch not included).

More info,

【High Precision】BIQU MicroProbe V2.0 auto bed leveling sensor adopts electromagnetic components+photoelectric sensors chip, accuracy is 0.001mm Standard Deviation @24°C,0.003mm Standard Deviation @60°C,compared to other auto bed leveling sensors, the accuracy is improved by 10 times.
【Super Lightweight and Small】BIGTREETECH MicroProbe V2.0 is 25.3mm Length,6g in weight,it is 37% shorter,40% Light,more than BL touch/CR Touch auto bed leveling sensors. it adds almost no weight to the extruder and upgrade high-precision leveling capability.
【Durable and Long Lifespan】MicroProbe V2.0 uses metal probe, makes itself wear-resistant and durable, Removable and replaceable probing pin with a long service life of up to 10,000,000+ Probing Tests, will be a perfect upgrade for your printer.

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