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ORob's Stepper Brakes

ORob's Stepper Brakes

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This board ensures that axis drop is prevented in cases of power failure or controller reset. In the absence of power or signal, a normally closed relay set is used to short the stepper coils, resulting in a significantly slower movement that allows the stepper to find its resting place smoothly.

On a 3D printer, this means your bed or axis will slowly let itself down without breaking anything. Every save your Klipper config without parking your 10lbs heated bed first??

On a CNC this could be your Z axis gently lowering your tool if you forget to park it or have a power failure.

24V power with a 5V controller signal. This one board can handle both coils for ultra slow and silent descent of 3 steppers, or louder decent of up to 6 steppers.

In Marlin you can use Gcode to enable a pin to unlock your steppers before or after a print, in Klipper you can clone your stepper enable pin. In the event of a power failure, this will engage by default.

*Note-you can not resume after a power failure, the bed or other axis will slowly move. The axis is not locked in place.


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