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Smart Filament Sensor V2 Biqu

Smart Filament Sensor V2 Biqu

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Good fit for the MP3DP v5

More info -

  • ✅【High Precision 】BIGTREETECH SFS V2.0 Smart Filament Sensor adopts High Precise Photoelectric induction technology, More accurate detection, detection length 2.88mm, and upgrade add Filament Feeding lever, for easy flexible filament loading.
  • ✅【Real Time Status Light indication】btt sfs v2.0 smart filament sensor upon detecting nozzle clogging, filament runout, filament tying, and extruder malfunctions, Filament Runs out or is broken,SFS V2.0 will provide corresponding lights for different issues and issue error alarms on the screen in a timely manner and automatically pauses printing, save resources.
  • ✅【Upgrade of Bi-Directional Feeding】BTT Smart Filament Sensor V2.0 unlimited by the installation direction of filament, eliminates concerns over orientation, enabling quick, easy installation and flexible positioning to maximze space.
  • ✅【Wide Compatible】BIGTREETECH Smart Filament Runout Sensor V2.0 support Klipper/Marlin/RRF Firmware,different firmware, different screen reminder interfaces,supports any motherboard with available I/O ports,(Endstop filament detection,BLtouch,induction sensor).such as SKR MINI E3 V3.0.Octopus V1.1/Octopus Pro,SKR V1.4 turbo,SKR 3,SKR Pico,Manta M4P/M5P/M8P motherboard (Notes:Please consult our technical support before using the motherboard without filament runout port)
  • ✅【Easy install and user】bigtreetech btt sfs v2.0 smart filament sensor designed with 3 mounting holes on the back, for easy to installation mounting to printer using bracket,support for direct-drive extruders and Bowden extruders.(For specific wiring and firmware changes, please refer to BIGTREETECH Github for instructions)
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