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V1 Engineering ESP32 Devkit

V1 Engineering ESP32 Devkit

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Custom V1 Engineering ESP32-DevKitC.

* This build features a genuine Espressif ESP32-Wroom-32E-N8 (8MB), as well as a genuine CP2102.

* Besides using the highest quality main chips, the extra USB UARTS have been broken out on the bottom of the boards for USB direct IO.

* Green LED to match the Jackpot CNC Controller.

* Micro-USB port.

To directly compare with an Espressif direct DevKitC, those have half the memory (4MB) of ours, no extra UARTS, and a boring red LED.

These are for projects that quality matters. If you are just messing around there is also some ESP32's using non-genuine chips, available in the v1 shop.

The board colors will vary.

1/22/24 - Currently shipping the "RC" version with white PCB, small round bottom UARTS, and extra bright green LED. The LED has been topped to reduce the brightness a touch, it can be removed if you are trying to signal aircraft passing overhead. Shown in the pictures.

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